Part One: Where God Guides, God Provides

For the last two years, I was the coordinator for the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group at my parent’s church. MOPS is a group for women with children from birth to Kindergarten where we fellowship and have speakers on relevant topics such as raising children, marriage, faith and friendship. Being the coordinator was such a blessing, and I know God had called me there to serve, learn and grow. In that time, He took me on a journey to learn how to lead with love. I endured many challenges along the way, but with those challenges also came victories.

I felt needed as the coordinator, but when I realized God was calling me to step down, I had mixed emotions. In a way, it was a sense of relief because the emotional stress would be lifted, and my responsibilities would subside. On the other hand, I felt lost because I found so much fulfillment serving in that ministry. I felt wanted, needed, respected. I felt like I had a purpose and a calling.

I shed a few tears our last meeting wondering what was next. I knew I was called out of that ministry, but I didn’t hear God calling me elsewhere. It was like a light went out, and I couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me. What was next? I knew I was made on purpose for a purpose, but why was there something blocking my view of that purpose?

I have a passion for writing. I always have. When I was in elementary school, I was already writing poems and short stories. I have always felt a sense of calling to writing and speaking, but I never saw how it would come together. I literally had a writing block for seven years! In the next few blog posts, I‘m going to take you on a journey through how I woke up to my calling. I’m so passionate to pursue the calling that God has placed in my heart. Along with that, I will describe how I came up with the name, “Red Hot Inspirations: passionately pursuing a 31 life”.

Enjoy the journey. I know I am!